Dearest Kim,

I hope you had a relaxing and special Christmas and New Years and are enjoying 2017! I wanted to let you know how I went in the HSC and all that’s happened since.
My unscaled Visual Arts mark was an 88, scoring me a Band 5, which I was very pleased with. My ATAR was 78.65 which I was also happy with, even more so when that afternoon I received a text message from UNSW offering me an early placement offer to their Fine Arts course, my number 1 preference, in 2017. I have to wait until January 18th to accept but this was very, very exciting news for me. It was my Band 5’s in Art and English that scored me 4 extra ATAR points, allowing me to get the mark I needed for this course. I still plan on taking a gap year this year so I will defer until 2018.

I never, ever would have been able to achieve this had it not been for your help, guidance, consolation, wisdom, and strict regimen throughout the year. I want to thank you so, so much for absolutely everything you did for me and for allowing me access to all your resources, most importantly your amazing knowledge of the HSC art world and art would in general. I hope that this news excites you as much as it does me and that you know I couldn’t have done it without you.

Going forward this year I plan to keep making lots of art and hopefully you might have a place for me in one of your classes. I understand that they fill up very quickly but if there is any spots available please let me know!

Thank you for everything Kim, I am so blessed to have had your help and I am so pleased with both my final artworks and the results that came from them.

Please let me know of any good times for me to drop by yours and thank you in person, probably with mum and dad, who are your biggest fans at the moment!Much love,
Hen 13/1/2017

Henrietta Richardson, Year 12 student.



Kim is an insightful teacher who guides and nurtures creativity. Her classes provide a supportive and welcoming environment which allows her students to meet their goals, while working at their own pace.  What is particularly enjoyable about Kim’s group classes is the ‘buzz’ that happens when like-minded people work together, share their love of art, and provide encouragement and feedback.  Classes are motivating and exciting, and it is a place to make friends. It is a testament to Kim’s warmth and teaching style that many of her students come back year after year – the fun of the group, and the satisfaction of creating and improving, it does become addictive!

Joanne Martin, Solicitor



We have known and been associated with Kim for the last six years. We searched out a suitable teacher when our daughter was quite young for the purpose to add to her artistic interests and for the sheer pleasure of her out of school activities development. This proved to be a wonderful experience for Caitlin.

Kim has quite successfully developed a business in the physical artistic development of our youth from a young age through to HSC. In fact she has included adult classes to round out the picture. We have had many conversations with the parents of her students and universally they have praise for her skills and ethics in dealing with and developing the children.

As an aside over this rather extended period we have got to know her on a more personal basis we can only but say that she has shown the highest moral standards and dedication to the children and is simply a good hearted soul.

We have no hesitation to recommend her in this field of endeavour and wish her all the very best.

Christina Neumann-Bubb          John Bubb




I have been attending classes at ‘Arts Cool Double Bay’ for four years.  In this time I have explored many different art styles and art making practices. The classes have hugely helped me to develop my technique, explore different influences and concepts. This year with Kim’s help I have managed the highest mark for my HSC body of work in my school with a 98%. Having a second opinion and more support for my art making during this huge final year of school is priceless. The classes are also great fun with a lovely caring environment.

Isaac Nathan, Year 12 student.



Escaping to art class…I love the break this makes in my busy week.

Ann Whyte | Managing Director



As a beginner painter, the greatest piece of luck I had was to enrol in classes with Kim Smith. I truly appreciate what I’ve learned in the last 4 years, leading to me winning an art award each year at school and cumulating with my major work for the HSC.  Beyond the instruction on painting techniques, Kim enhanced my understanding of the process involved in creating art, took the class to art shows and encouraged me to grasp those important components that complete or give interest to a painting.

Murray Faulkner-Hogg



Kim has a wonderfully encouraging personality that nurtures each individual to grow as an artist. My son has benefited from Kim’s enthusiasm, her broad knowledge of art technique and her distinctive ability to make her students believe in themselves. During the process of my son creating his HSC major work, Kim’s teaching background allowed her to pass on extra insights into improving his work beyond his expectations of what was required. Art classes have been a total delight and invaluable to my son.

Kim Faulkner-Hogg