Children And Teens

The art experience focuses on each student’s individual creative response to self-chosen themes and exploration of materials that encompass all areas of fine art. The atmosphere in our studio is dynamic and exciting with students busily working on their projects with plenty of direction and tuition. A diverse range of artist quality materials & light refreshments are provided during the session.

 The classes fill quickly so please call 9362 0780 to confirm your place. Come and join the fun!  2 hours with expert tuition, all quality materials and refreshments supplied. The two hour class is on a Saturday afternoon from 3.30 to 5.30 pm.

Before committing to a term, pay only for one class $90.

In Visual Arts, students develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in making artworks informed by their investigations of the world as subject matter, use of expressive forms, and consideration of the audience for their works. They also develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in appreciating their own artworks and those of others, recognising some relationships between artists, artworks, audiences and how the world is interpreted. In the longer term, learning in the Creative Arts assists students in their lifelong learning, participate in and contribute to Double Bay Art School Students at workcultural life, to become informed consumers of the arts and culture, to empathise with others, and to consider a range of career paths. The Creative Arts also provide opportunities for students to respect the views of various social and cultural groups, people with different religions and belief systems and people with disabilities. The Creative Arts also offers opportunities for students to value the different perspectives of females and males. Students engage in learning experiences in the visual arts as part of their natural growth and development. However, learning in each of the art forms does not occur automatically. Regular learning experiences that are thoughtfully planned, sequenced and related are essential for developing students’ skills and knowledge and understanding within the art forms. They also contribute to the development of the whole person.